Pompeii seeks to identify, capitalize, structure, facilitate and support international

growth opportunities in software, hardware, internet technologies, manufacturing, environmental

in software, hardware, internet technologies, manufacturing, environmental

and renewableand renewable energy sectors, biotechnologies,

nanotechnologies, merchant banking, and e-commerce.

About us


Pompeii Finance Corp., is a financial consulting and business advisory firm focused on helping businesses and entrepreneurs develop and expand into growing global markets. Combining many years of experience, our capabilities create opportunities and solutions that consistently exceed our clients' expectations through sound advice, information and solutions to address critical business issues.

Pompeii seeks to identify, capitalize, structure, facilitate and support international growth opportunities in software, hardware, internet technologies, manufacturing, environmental and renewable energy sectors, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, merchant banking, and e-commerce.




Pompeii Finance plans, implements and manages every aspect of the process to take private companies public. Our experience and success with this type of transaction can enable your executives to maintain their focus on the issues important to your business while our team focuses on all the details related to going public. As a result of our services, going public transactions can be completed with minimal disruption to your current business in a timely manner and at a fair cost.

Our founder took several of his own companies public in the same manner we now advise others. Our team has a unique set of research, investment banking and corporate finance experience which allows us to show business owners how they can help their business while maximizing their own wealth. We believe that our flexibility to structure our fees to accommodate a company's financial position allows us to provide efficient and effective advice which saves our clients time and money in addition to achieving significant returns on their investments. We do not compromise our ethics, morals, values or level of integrity and firmly believe you will find our services at the highest level of professionalism obtainable in the financial services industry. Upon working with Pompeii Finance, you will discover our primary mission is to ensure our clients' achieve their goals. This mission has been a key factor in our success and will continue to be our number one priority. We hope to have an opportunity to demonstrate our probity and business methodology to you and your company. We would be happy to discuss any aspect of our services, time-line or anticipated expenditures with you in greater detail.


We are not licensed to: practice law, prepare financial audits, or to make a market in your securities. However, through our experience, expertise and connections, we directly facilitate and manage the identification, evaluation, and selection of suitable lawyers, accountants, transfer agents, market makers and companies licensed to raise investment capital for you.


Pompeii Finance insists that all federal and state rules, regulations and laws should be complied with. Therefore, we will not represent any company planning to go public to engage in a reverse merger transaction or "pump and dump" activities. Our consulting agreement specifically requires that clients confirm (a) they intend to continue their current business plan for at least three years; (b) they have no plans to enter into a reverse merger transaction and (c) agree to ensure compliance by any media paid to advertise the company or its securities.




Pompeii Finance provides consulting, accompaniment and direct translation and in-field communication services to Chinese business delegations from foreign countries that wish to go to China to conduct business. Our goal is to help you reach your business objectives, shall it be marketing your own products, purchasing goods made in China or any other type of desired future.


In many cases foreign corporations and businesses encounter obstacles which can prevent them from "getting the job done" - these are due to significant cultural differences between China and the Western World. Pompeii Finance can help manage projects in China, providing due diligence services and practical advice to firms that operate or wish to enter the Chinese market. Pompeii Finance can help oversee and ensure completion of projects requiring technical expertise and complex process assessment.




Pompeii and its acquiring partners offer complete end-to-end payment processing solutions. We will bundle your merchant account (credit card and ACH), as well as offer a robust and flexible billing engine, customer service, dispute resolution services, fraud and risk management, and an extensive web management interface.

Our online portal provides you with an easily accessible toolbox of essential resources. Utilization of this mechanism allows you to optimize transaction reporting, and run Mail Order/Telephone Order and Subscriptions. You can also track results in real-time, our reporting functions giving you the ability to manage transaction processing and measure bottom line growth at your fingertips.

Our solution offers tremendous flexibility, making it ideal for any size merchant. You will receive maximum benefit with the control of total end-to-end payment processing, billing services, dispute resolution services, and specific services you need.




Pompeii Finance is known for its technical ingenuity. We are also trusted because of our track record in successfully realising ambitious ideas. The best ideas in renewables can help ease pressure on our resources and environment as demand for energy swells. To turn those ideas into successful schemes, Pompeii Finance merges technical ability with business sense. Pompeii Finance's technical, business planning and project management support helps clients realise viable schemes in energy from solar, offshore and onshore wind, marine, geothermal, waste and bio-fuel sources. We work with governments, businesses, developers and the energy sector worldwide to incorporate renewables into robust energy strategies, as well as buildings and urban developments.

Our advice comes via a pragmatic filter. We take into account the diverse conditions of success for proposed projects, from securing investment to gaining community acceptance. Pompeii Finance's renewable energy specialists help clients to find better ways to achieve their goals in energy efficiency, carbon management and sustainability.


Pompeii Finance's renewable energy specialists help clients to find better ways to achieve their goals in energy efficiency, carbon management and sustainability.

Protecting our environment is just one dimension of sustainability. Pompeii Finance is also exploring how renewable technologies can help communities thrive economically and provide wider access to power globally.



Pompeii Finance has relationships throughout many countries on the Asian continent to allow for proper management of the quality, manufacturing, design, logistics, product deliveries, and pricing sensitivities associated with any type of client manufacturing outsourcing requirement. We are committed to building long term relationships with companies who are looking to secure products and services in Asia, who may not have the resources to establish a direct relationship within a foreign country. Our project management skills and capabilities, combined with our extensive relationships to a network of manufacturing facilities in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines, gives us the advantage of being able to assist our North American and European customers, by enabling the establishment of a direct manufacturing strategic alliance and/or joint venture for them with our Asian associates.


Analysis will be undertaken to assess the effective and economic outcome of various manufacturing cost factors such as raw material price, production labor cost, currency exchange rates, inputs like power & fuel charges and how the geography of the ultimate final goods destination will contribute to the transportation cost. Pompeii Finance strives to ensure the best match for a Manufacturing Outsourcing partner for our clients.

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